drupal8logoI have been working with Drupal for about 3 years now. Coming from a background where I had been developing sites in wordpress and joomla and just straight html and php, I fell in love with the Drupal platform. It offers so much more flexibility and features than any of the others I have worked with. And since I had just started with it 3 years ago, I automatically was drawn to Drupal 8, which was promised to be out long before it actually was. But it didn’t stop me from downloading all of the pre-releases and playing around with it while at the same time throwing myself into learning Drupal 7 for current projects.

Now when building websites in Drupal, D8 is the one I go to first to see if all of the modules and plugins are ready for the features we want to add, or if some custom modules will need to be implemented. And I still have people, module developers, custom script writers, programmers and contributors asking me, why Drupal 8? Most of these people have been using Drupal for more than 5 years. They are Drupal 7 experts and they love Drupal 7, so switching to Drupal 8 is more of a challenge since the D8 platform has been completely re-built.

But my answer is always the same. Drupal 8 is the present and the future of internet web development. It has flexibility and easier integrations with just about any software your company uses. It has more built in features making it easier for your organization to manage the site. It is powerful and is taking creativity to new heights. Truthfully, I don’t believe there is any website that you can imagine, that can’t be achieved in Drupal 8.